Every housewife, chef or someone who spend a lot of time in a standing kitchen will love an anti-fatigue mat which help to absorb the impact of your body weight and can help to relief exhaustion during hours of work. That’s why we show you Comfort Max, the most convenient black mat for standing kitchens.



The Comfort Max —Black Mat— is made of an amazing anti-fatigue technology which make a huge different between a traditional mat and a sophisticated one. The trick behind the Comfort Max, is its powerful light-weight closed-cellular nitrile rubber foam, capable to give you a soft and extremely relaxed experience during your cooking time. As matter as fact, this mat is available in two unique styles: strong pinnacle for every use or drainage holes for maximize the drain in some specific kind of kitchens.


In addition, this mat has additives that help to prevent any kind of bacterial and is designed to fit with anti-slip textured floors. The five years we have been providing this product guarantee you won’t have problems with breakdown from grease.


Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight mat
  • Available in two different styles but in black color: solid and with drainage holes
  • Textured surface with anti-slip technology
  • Safe tapered edges
  • Outstanding performance with non-absorbent closed-cell nitrile rubber
  • Grease resistant
  • ¾ inches thick rubber
  • Easy to clean but is not recommended fold it or introduce in dishwasher
  • 5 years guarantee


Placements: Where to use:

  • Can be used in business cashier stations
  • All kind of kitchens
  • Behind bar, restaurants and business counters
  • In waitress pick-up
  • Labs and special hospital rooms
  • Prep areas

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