For those who are looking a useful and durable kitchen mats, this is the right option ofr you. The honeycomb Plus Kitchen Mat has a beautiful and unique design which provides to your kitchen a comfortable anti-fatigue technology which can keep you for more time doing what you love more. The energy and durability in this remarkable mat is guaranteed thanks to a 9/16 inches thick rubber. In addition, its honeycomb design is perfect for the most appropriate drainage. Moreover, this Honeycomb Plus Kitchen Mat is available in two colors: brown and purple shade.


Features and benefits

  • Its honeycomb design provide a more robust mat
  • Applications could range from light to medium
  • Sophisticated drainage design with anti-slip surface
  • 9/16 inches of thick rubber
  • Grease resistant
  • Available colors are brown and purple shade
  • Easy to clean with warm water, soap and deck brush


PlacementsQuality Honeycomb Kitchen Mats

  • Behind any kind of counters
  • Offices
  • Assembly lines
  • Waitress pick-up
  • Beverage bars
  • Light duty kitchens

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