(Notas de Prensa) Scinet Corporation installs in the port of Rotterdam its new assembly plant of mini-plants in mobile containers.

Through the agreement with Scinet Foundation, the new plant in Rotterdam will assemble more than 20,000 production Mini-plants per year, distributed in models for basic necessities such as: water treatment plants, desalination plants, dehydrated food, egg production, clothing, footwear, steel nail production, tire retreading, sheet metal for coverings, roofing and doors and windows, injected polypropylene furnishings, pressed melamine parts (glasses, plates, cups, tablespoons), plastic bags and packaging, dairy products, products derived from latex, etc.

Twenty percent of the production will be earmarked for emergency medical units. The modules have all that is needed to function with autonomy, even at sites where there is not any infrastructure. Besides attending ER cases, these containers provide care for specialties such as electromedicine, ophthalmology, dentistry and obstetrics. Likewise, they include a module with vending machines that supply consumable health products such as serum, syringes, forceps, pharmaceutical material, etc.

The emergency medical units will contribute to the expansion of health care coverage. Around 2 billion people lack health care in the world, according to the WHO. According to UNICEF, as a result thereof, each year 12 million children die from non-fatal illnesses in developed countries. Furthermore, 500,000 women die annually during childbirth, 99% of these in Third World countries.

Another relevant characteristic can be seen in the fact that the Assembly Plants operate connected to the World Trade System, which is likewise managed by Scinet Corporation, with access to more than 60 million diverse merchandise, raw materials, products and services, through international automatic operations and digital certificates for trading.

The certificates for trading enable the execution of transactions automatically by means of the reciprocal recognition of stock value. In this way, associated companies are provided with an immediate solution for selling their inventories and obtaining raw materials, products and services in real-time, on a global scale.

For more information see www.scinet-corp.com and www.scfoundation.eu

Website: http://www.scinet-corp.com

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