Despite the recent crackdown by the Chinese authorities (after a wealthy Chinese businessman had eight children by hiring two surrogate mums), there is no lack of healthy Chinese women willing to become surrogate mothers.

Despite covert and overt crackdowns, surrogacy continues to be a growing means through which barren, semi barren women, gay and lesbian couples can have children of their own.

Pre-surrogacy checks conducted by reveal that most people see surrogacy as a moral dilemma. This is due to the fact that there is a compensation element in the process. Like the Chinese women who agree to become surrogate mothers, others in the developed and developing countries get monetary rewards.

Hence the argument that this is a “rent a womb” business. There are countries and states that frown upon this surrogacy. Despite that, there is no shortage of would be surrogate females willing to have babies for altruistic or monetary purpose. What opponents fail to realize is the joy and happiness that surrogate mothers bring to intended parents. provides an environment in which would be surrogate mothers and intended parents can mingle and decide on surrogacy either altruistically or monetary compensation. Monetary reward not so much as a direct transaction, but procedure related expenses and financial loss as a result of time away from work by surrogacy mother.

Through, surrogate parents and surrogate moms can browse each other profile from every country, including those from China that frowns on surrogacy. Through the translation feature of the site, an intended parent in Hong kong can communicate with a would be California surrogates.

The interactive nature of communication on makes it popular. It takes away the need for a middle man.

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