Porcelain dinnerware set

Attend any party or casual get-together and sooner or later someone is bound to raise the topic of healthy eating foods. It seems everyone is worried about the food they eat. These days, the quantum of artificial additives in our food has reached such levels so as to cause life threatening diseases such as cancer and heart attacks. Greed amongst businesses too has resulted in wide scale adulteration of foods especially packaged foods and fudging of nutritional values. Even when food is cooked at home one is not certain of the real content of the food. For example, food cooked in a non-stick pan of poor quality results in some of the chemicals from the non-stick coating seeping into the food. Microwavable plastic too is often not free from reaction. Also, a lot of Chinese made microwavable plastic has been found to be not really microwave friendly. While cooking we add readymade spices and vegetable again, these are not free from adulteration and dangerous chemicals meant to increase the shelf life of the product. It is therefore not surprising that many people have begun to worry about food in restaurants, pre-cooked food and also food cooked at home. Despite precautions, too many people are ending up with exotic forms of cancers induced by chemicals that seeped into the food. The question on what constitutes healthy eating diets food is therefore uppermost in the minds of most concerned people.

Many people have therefore switched over to eating raw organic food. Before you turn your nose up and decide that this is not the path you wish to follow, consider the following:

- Organically grown food is healthier because it is free of dangerous chemicals
- Organically grown food is environmentally friendly
- Most people swear that organically grown food actually tastes better than the ´fertilizer fed mush‘ that is sold in the super markets
- The body digests organically grown food better because the food is free from foreign chemicals

If your healthy eating meal plan is a big bowl of salad with homemade yogurt, the mix of colors from the various vegetables can be quite pleasing. Also, fresh ingredients mean a tastier dish. Contrary to popular belief, raw food need not be monotonous. Just research the internet for recipes and we promise you, you will be surprised.

Often people wonder how healthy snack food can comprise of only raw foods. Well, fact is, all your vitamin, protein and minerals can also be obtained from raw edible organically grown food. For example sprouts can provide you with all your protein requirements. Again, raw healthy eating foods does not mean really raw. Some foods need to be lightly boiled with a pinch of salt. The boiling softens the food and aids in digestion. Just ensure that you use a stainless steel vessel and not something that is chemically coated or likely to interact with the food.

Typically, a healthy eating plan should include:

- Vegetables such as spinach, carrots, broccoli, cabbage etc.
- Fresh fruit
- Nuts
- Sprouts
- Milk and homemade milk products such as yogurt and butter

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Porcelain dinnerware set

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