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La música del olvido

(The music of abandonment)


         Miami, FL (Release in March, 2012). “La música del olvido”, the novel selected among the ten top of the Premio Planeta of novel 2008, is published for the first time by Book&bilias.


            To illustrate a society steeped in its daily violence In which it‘s infant population is the first to suffer its bitter sweet consequences serves as a background to this novel of the Colombian Janiel Pemberty.

            However, the author gives his characters an internal tearing that elevates them of their status as puppeteers to the adversity to heroes of the daily tragedy. With a fine literary art Pemberty going noting us the most deep enclaves of infinity  human behavior, that overturns in festive celebration which clothes the ambiance and scenery of his story that in itself would be a defeat. Death as a release, is the aesthetical proposal than trough an elaborate poetic prose, the author give us in his prime debut.

The painstaking work of Pemberty, revealed in the precise combination o structure, plot and language, manages to approaching the levels of excellence in works such as The ejércitos of  Evelio Roserio by the deep sensibility with wich prepares the soul of his characters and with Juan Rulfo in Pedro Páramo, in the dispossession of elements with which he clothes the ambiance and scenery of his story.


Janiel Humberto Pemberty


         Pemberty, Colombian was born in Medellín in 1953. Little by little, in the midst of much drama and low comedy that faces hit life, was glimpse into his world of writer, so write for him is not an option; is a matter of vital expression. With his writing expresses  his life, giving shape and sense to the man he is.

He has writing three volumes of short stories: Fuga en sol menor para cuarteto imperfecto y otros cuentos,  (already published,  that Book&bilias prepare the second edition), and others stories: Niño de agua y las mariposas and La sierpe del despertar, dos novelas: El guardián invisible and  La música del olvido (Selected among the ten tops of the Premio Planeta de Novela 2008); a volume of poems: La memoria del olvido plus additional  articles for magazines and newspapers.

Janiel is part of the writers group founding Book&bilias, a project created by Latin American writers living in The United States with the objective to go deeper in their creative work and offer  literary and technical support to Spanish writers living in this country.

The music of abandonment by Janiel Humberto Pemberty

   Paper book $ 14.89 ISBN 978-0-9852173-0-3

Electronic book $9.89 ISBN 978-0-9852173-1-0


Members of the media interested in doing a review of this book, may request a free copy by contacting (305)599-9226


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