LocalBlox.com Jan. 8, 2012 Sabira Arefin, founder and CEO of LocalBlox, has expressed wishes for a happy New Year to small businesses and a prosperous local economy in the coming year. LocalBlox local neighborhood social networking platform is helping to build strong local communities by connecting consumers and neighborhood businesses.

“LocalBlox gives free local business listings and complimentary ads to small businesses,” said Arefin. “This helps you connect with local neighbors and businesses around you. You can earn featured listings if you get three good reviews from your customers. Businesses get known as a good neighbor that serves the neighborhood.”

LocalBlox cares about its neighborhoods and donates a portion of any sales to local non-profit organizations. A portion is also used to reward neighborhood ambassadors who help build communities in the neighborhood. Neighbors earn points when they check-in at local stores and write good reviews when applicable. Users may also be eligible for prizes. Businessess also earn points when customers “like” them on social media sites, write reviews and physically visit a store or shop.

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective means of advertising. The social media options offered by LocalBlox make it local and relevant for customers. Eightfive percent of consumers shop within 15 miles of home and 87 percent of that number search online for the products and services they want. LocalBlox provides the tools to assist businesses in answering questions from consumers, providing advice and advertising.

LocalBlox is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, making it an easy and convenient means of offering deals, specials and even coupons to existing customers. Through word of mouth advertising from social media fans, it also provides an effective way to generate leads, create interest and attract new customers.

It‘s essential that shoppers perceive neighborhood business as local and caring concerns. Through services at LocalBlox, business owners can announce their participation in local festivals, activities and entertainments. Firms can also create their own events and inform neighbors of the upcoming festivities and social functions.

Even in the current economy, LocalBlox is finding new and unique ways to assist businesses increase their visibility in local markets, develop leads and attract new consumers. The firm‘s tools and technologies enable companies to utilize the most effective modern marketing methods to build brands, reputation and neighborhoods.

“We wish you a successful year ahead,” said Arefin. “We love our small business neighbors at LocalBlox. Your success helps your local economy and strengthens our overall economy.”

For more information or to join LocalBlox, visit the website at http://www.localblox.com/.

About LocalBlox

Designed to allow residents and businesses in specific neighborhoods to meet and interact with their neighbors, LocalBlox is a highly innovative local social Networking portal that covers around 60 thousand of neighborhoods throughout the US and allows users to add additional areas. LocalBlox.com Building strong Local Communities by connecting neighbors and neighborhoods.

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