LocalBlox.comLocalBlox is providing local agents, stores and employees of large corporations with the building blocks that create local, long-term relationships. Global corporations know the value of creating customer loyalty with local consumers and LocalBlox offers the technology and tools to accomplish that, all in a single Local, Social & mobile marketing campaigns.

The firm provides a profile for each local representative that‘s search engine optimized for hyperlocal neighborhoods. Agents also receive a free ad on the LocalBlox platform for use in their local market. Local marketing campaigns can easily be conducted by corporate entities from the LocalBlox site and tailored to meet the needs and requirements of local clienteles.

Services are fully integrated with social media sites, allowing members to bookmark over 50 popular social media sites to save valuable time. Corporations can post to existing customers, announce deals and offers, and promote special Local community events. LocalBlox enables national and international concerns to promote them successfully as part of the local neighborhood.

Profanity and keyword detectors are available to assist corporations track and monitor negative comments, complaints and reviews that can adversely affect the business. Representatives receive immediate emails to alert them when a problem arises, and communications can be monitored and archived.

Building a successful brand takes time, but the services at LocalBlox can shorten the process considerably with tools that track marketing campaigns and performance. The site aids companies with brand and regulatory compliance, while analytics and relationship maps assist in creating and implementing strategies for a greater share of free local directory listing.

LocalBlox offers the only platform that enables global corporations, local business owners and consumers to connect for the benefit of all. Companies and organizations of any size can reap rewards with the extensive array of tools, Mobile ads solutions, software downloads and social media that‘s available.

It‘s essential that global corporations be accepted and viewed as an integral part of the local business networking where they do business and LocalBlox provides the tools, technology and expertise to accomplish that goal. From marketing campaigns and social networking to mobile solutions, LocalBlox provides the means for companies to create customer loyalty among local consumers generate leads and attract new clients.

For more information or to join LocalBlox, visit the website at http://www.localblox.com.

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