Damn Good Penny PicksMost penny stock newsletters require compensation to “profile” the companies they write about. Now there is a damn good penny stock picks newsletter raising the bar and doing it for free!

World Wide Web February 23, 2012 Getting paid to showcase “hot” penny stocks may be a thing of the past thanks to http://www.damngoodpennypicks.com/

DamnGoodPennyPicks.com searches the markets, and reviews hundreds of companies in order to best pick those poised to move and deliver. The Company likes to keeps things simple, and presents users with viable information and data for cheap stocks via the helpful penny stocks newsletter.

DamnGoodPennyPicks.com incorporates the mantra “No Duds, No BS, No Bad Picks: JUST DAMN GOOD PENNY STOCK PICKS.” Newly introduced traders and veterans alike are gathering cues to penny stocks with the greatest possibility of gains. The Company has a knack for 100% winners and many readers with no experience are learning the ins and outs of trading top good penny stocks, making significant profits using the newsletter information.

The newsletter follows more than 307 stock promoter groups on the OTCBB and utilizes Pink Sheet Stock Analysis in order to recognize the good from the bad, when to buy, and when to refrain.

Most often dramatic moves in Hot Penny Stocks are the result of promotional activities, often referred to as “pumps.” Some people are scared of pumps because dumps often follow pumps. The newsletter shows readers how to recognize and not get caught in a dump and how to make money in a pump, often within minutes of the market open.

DamnGoodPennyPicks knows there is plenty of cash to be made when traders are well informed and the Company has set their purpose on revealing information on penny stocks to buy and presenting it in a well laid out newsletter so consumers are well informed and make money trading penny stocks.

Learn more by visiting http://www.damngoodpennypicks.com/

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