Damn Good Penny PicksBoston, Massachusetts, February 23, 2012 – Executives at Damn Good Penny Picks today announced the company is giving away a free newsletter subscription until June of this year. The newsletter covers penny stocks to buy, OTCBB picks and pink sheet stock analysis. The company‘s leadership is so confident that people will find value in their newsletter that they are allowing investors to try it for six months for free.

Although penny stocks are considered by many to be a higher risk investment than the traditional Pennystocks that are traded on the NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX, they are nonetheless a good approach to make money quickly. There is a way in which investors can reduce the risks on their penny stock picks by seeking a little guidance and advice.

“We alert our subscribers only to situations that provide the best opportunity for making significant profits. Aside from momentum plays, we focus on companies that in our opinion are undervalued, with good management and void of any toxic debt or wild financing.” Damn Good Penny Picks

A newsletter such as the one that‘s being offered by Damn Good Penny Picks can be an invaluable resource which helps investors drastically reduce their risks trading penny stocks and allow them to make really good money in the process. The company‘s writers offer tips on which penny stock to buy and they also provide sound advice with the voice of market experience that only comes with confidence and an excellent track record.

Researching the top penny stocks is not the same as researching a traditional stock because it is a lot harder to do without a little direction. There is simply too much information which has to analyzed and sorted before anyone can make an intelligent pick. It also takes a different set of investment skills to pick a good penny stock, to know the exact time to buy it, and know the exact time to sell it in order to make a quick profit.


There are many sites that offer best penny Stocks picks but the reality is that most of them profile companies for which they are paid to write about. Just have a look at some of the disclaimers out there to see what we mean. Now there is nothing wrong with anyone getting paid to showcase “hot” penny stocks but it turns out most of those wonderful stock picks are just advertisements in disguise and nothing more.

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