This is the first of three assembly plants that SCiNet & WTS will install in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa region (COMESA). The plant will assemble production mini plants of the models associated with primary needs such as: water treatment and desalination; dehydrated foods; egg production; clothing; footwear; steel nail production; tire retreading; profiled steel sheeting for roofs, ceilings and façades; injected polypropylene housewares; pressed melamine items (glasses, plates, cups, spoons); plastic bags and containers; dairy products; latex products; etc.

Emergency medical units will also be assembled. These modules will have everything needed to operate autonomously, even in places that lack infrastructure. In addition to serving medical emergencies, these containers will serve specialties such as electro-medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry and obstetrics. They will also include a module with vending machines that sell medical supplies such as serums, syringes, clamps, pharmaceutical material, etc.

Another significant aspect is the fact that the assembly plants will be connected to the WTS (World Trade System) system, also managed by Scinet, with access to more than 60 million goods, raw materials, commodities and services, as well as to the system of automated international commercial operations and electronic commercial exchange certificates.

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