(Notas de Prensa) At the beginning of November, Carbray Abogados held the Barcelona 2011 International Master of Popularity Awards Ceremony in their offices. Carbray Abogados, a well-known law and tax consultancy firm based in Barcelona, where it has a great reputation, won the award for Master of Popularity.
The Carbray Abogados firm first went into business in 1991. A group of expert lawyers and consultants from a world renowned company decided to start a new business by themselves. The firm´s Managing Director spoke to us about how the company gained its renown: “From 1992 to 1994, many companies were suffering from the bad economy. Some of our first clients here at Carbray Abogados were owners of important companies throughout Catalonia. Instead of coming to us in need of tax advice, however, they came to us in need of someone who could understand them and help them overcome their problems.

“This has become our philosophy at Carbray Abogados. Technically we are no different from any of the big law firms, but on a personal level we are able to relate much better to our clients, offering them advice for all of their problems and dreams.

“With the addition of professionals from other highly esteemed firms along with the experience we‘ve gained over the years we have grown into a company of tax advisors and lawyers with multiple disciplines.
“Here in Barcelona, Carbray Abogados has become a trusted and celebrated firm, thanks to the confidence of our clients and the expertise of our employees. In the near future we hope to move further afield and be able to help clients in other nearby countries. During the last twenty years of our company, we have never employed marketing techniques. We believe that the best form of marketing is our work.”

Website: http://www.carbray.es/

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