(Notas de Prensa) Is proof that millions of people are ready to fight for life, intelligence and freedom.

72% of the world population is considered ´poor‘, but a recent study prepared by The World Resources Institute reveals that 4.7 billion people have the purchasing power of 3.7 billion euro per day! The title of the report reads ´The Next 4 Billion‘ (the next four billion: business strategy and market at the base of the pyramid).

The report is concerning the population of millions of men and women of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, whose income is below poverty level of the western societies, but which in the aggregate represent an extraordinary economic potential.

The report says: “The incorporation of the BOP population into the formal economy should constitute an objective and critical element for any strategy tending to generate both wealth and growth. In the XXI century those companies and business people who have sufficient vision to adapt their offers to the needs of low income consumers will prosper. Companies that can offer profitable solutions in areas such as food, drinking water, medical services, housing and basic necessity supplementation”.

SciNet Corporation is installing new assembly workshops in different regions worldwide, which are included within the ‘Pyramid base’, for the mass production of its innovative production mini-plants inside mobile containers. The mobile production mini-plants that are mounted in these assembly workshops are intended for developing countries, offering therein all kinds of products and basic services: from food preparation or household goods, footwear or clothing articles to water purification and primary health care.

The production mini-plants in mobile containers comprise the only system in the world that can supply up to 6 basic necessity articles at a price as low as one dollar per day.

Furthermore, all the assembly plants will operate connected to the World Trade System, a database that provides access to 60 million referrals to merchandise, raw materials, products and services worldwide, through digital certificates for trading.

For more information see www.scfoundation.eu

To download the report of ´The Next 4 Billion‘: www.scinet-corp.org/next.pdf

World Trade News, Editor
International Office

Website: http://www.scfoundation.eu

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